A Better Livelihood
A Better Livelihood
We build technology that combines paper and digital currencies to transform people’s livelihood; while their lives are governed by local money, digital tokens leverage blockchain technology and make possible services that would not be available otherwise
The first modern bank was born over 500 years ago; we are due for an upgrade.

Open source procedural banking services on the ethereum blockchain that allow anyone to participate, either as owner, user, or both.

Fiat Digital Tweens

A digital currency pegged to a paper counterpart, enabling financial innovation into people's everyday lives.

Passing Credit

Chainable promises of payment (IOUs) unlock lending within value chains by leveraging existing trust and liquidity.

Risk of Loss Cover

Financial derivatives detach risk from cash flows, helping those who need predictability, and those who can profit from mispriced risk.


A self-organizing federation that can coordinate people and business so they can issue credit, process payments, and hedge against risks.

Procedural banking leverages blockchain technology to automate processes, coordinate participants, and decentralize governance, going way beyond what traditional banks can do.
2Bn people are unbanked; the only way to provide banking services to them is to let them have their own bank. It won’t look like the banks we already know, nor its services like traditional banking, except for their purpose.
Next generation industrial clusters capitalize on mutual trust and liquidity to create credit and financial incentives, implement advanced services like supply-demand coordination, value chain optimization, and traceability in order to boost competitive advantages.
We are currently deploying foundational components to launch our first procedural bank, including advanced value-chain coordination. Check back soon.
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